I actually saw Avatar about two weeks ago but it has taken this time for me to digest and analyse my strong reaction to the movie before I could even attempt to write this post.  Here are my thoughts…

“Sobbing” I thought to myself, “is that someone sobbing” in the picture theatre?  “Wow I am not the only one having an intense reaction to this movie”.

Rising to leave the picture theatre, my body quietly shook as I tried not to publicly relay my emotions.

Once inside our car, Brett turned to me “Are you ok?”  “No I don’t think I am”. 

Upon reflection, my intense physical and emotional reaction to the movie Avatar, could be explained as feelings of overwhelming sadness.

Sadness for what we and past generations have done to our beautiful environment and all creatures who share it with us.  Also sadness for the knowledge I can not control others to view the world the same way as myself.

The fictional tribal Na’vi race of Avatar, visibly brought these truths home to me personally.  The Na’vi are a ‘people-like’ race who live with their surrounding environment in peace and harmony .  However the human characters of Avatar are a perfect example of what ‘humans’ do in reality; act superior, take want isn’t theirs, destroy and inflict pain.  We humans can be incredibly arrogant and ignorant, which when combined are very dangerous traits to exercise.  

As a photographer, I have known for many years that I can teach anyone how to take a photograph i.e. teach the mathematics or science behind how to take a photograph.  However I can not teach someone how to ‘see’ a photograph.  This is also true about trying to teach someone to have a personal shift in their consciousness or to change their thoughts about ecology and society.  You can not teach someone to see.

Not only can people not be taught to see but so much of ancient civilization’s wisdom and knowledge has been lost to us because we are arrogant to think we have nothing to learn from them.  Generally we have dismissed past knowledge instead of picking out parts we could use. Knowledge which may help us now better interact with our environment and each other.

James Cameron, thank you for the time you gave to making such a wonderful film as Avatar.  I just hope that others will see the underling message and not just the amazing graphics.  Though we can not teach someone to see, we can inspire them to find their own sight.


8 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. Hi Mum,

    Did you see what your daughter did in her latest post?? I have turned myself into the Na’vi. Have a look at the photograph of the Na’vi women on my latest post. Does she look like anyone you know???

    Glad you liked the movie.

    Sarhn (aka Sa’vi)


  2. Hi Sweetpea

    We all went to Avatar on Sunday afternoon at 5.30pm and thought it was fantastic even though the Earthlings were murderous and destructive. Your new name is now Sa’vi and I am Ca’vi with Ad’vi, Ra’vi, Har’vi, Ell’vi, Ja’vi.



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  4. Hi Ali & Gav,

    I am chuffed that you both have been inspired to see Avatar over the weekend. I would love to know what you thought of the movie and your response to viewing it.

    Thank you both for your comments and encouragement.



  5. A great review Sarhn. I have yet to see the movie, but you have moved me to go and have a look this weekend.

    The last time I was moved like that was after seeing ‘Age of Stupid’ for the first time.

    Gav x


  6. Hi Sahrn

    Thank you for writing this – I will go and see it tonight after reading this. Hopefully by approaching the issue through such a huge mainstream portal like a blockbuster movie – James Cameron will touch the hearts and conscience of those who perhaps would not listen to, or be affected by, other methods. There are far too many people who don’t spend the time or energy to even consider the beautiful planet we live on in their day to day lives.. and that is scary. I hope this movie will reach out to those who were not interested/inclined to watch things like Al Gore’s documentory…

    Thanks again for your inspiring words Sarhn, the time you take to post here really does affect and inspire your readers. You are most definitely doing your part in this battle!

    Lots of love (p.s. thanks for my lovely birthday card!!)

    Ali Cat


  7. Hi Nevyn, thank you for your encouragement. I did read Dixiebelle’s post on Avatar and thought she had some interesting thoughts on the subject – thanks for letting me know about it via your email.

    It took me two weeks to write this post as I had to sort through my strong emotions towards the movie.



  8. I had a similar reaction to the movie and there were tears. I walked away from the movie with sense of hopelessness because I don’t think we will ever learn. Our arrogance is too deeply wired into our being. We are blind and will never see until there is nothing left, by then it will be too late.

    I haven’t been able to blog about it the way I would have liked, I couldn’t find the words and I didn’t want to give away any of the plot. I’m glad there are peole like you and Dixiebelle who have been able to say the things I wanted to say. Thank you.


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