Are Australians Hypocritical?

Not intending to by judgmental or critical by selecting this blog title, it is just something I have wondered and questioned firstly of myself, in regards to caring for Animals.

I have joined Facebook groups like ‘ban Japan from whaling’ and ‘save the Orangutan – ban palm oil’ as many other Australian’s have, yet I have done very little to raise awareness for our Australian native and live stock animals.  Why is that?

You may answer that yes I am hypocritical but that doesn’t make all Australian’s hypocritical too.  Of course it is a generalisation but I often wonder why many Australian’s are very sensitive and passionate (including myself) about protecting Fur Seals, Whales, Orangutans, African Elephants etc etc but have given little thought to the way the slaughter is carried out of our own Kangaroos.

Or what about how Australian livestock is exported?  Or what about how many of our loved Australian native birds and animals are becoming extinct right now in our generation (Animals Australia has more info about what is going on with our Kangaroos – stuff I didn’t know).

Personally I have felt the need to change and increase my concern for animals in my own background.  So with that I decided to email The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP on the subject of the industry’s practice of exporting Australian livestock.


Here is my email:

“To The Hon Tanya Plibersek,

I am writing to you to reconsider the current practices of live export of our Australian live stock.

Tanya I am not a vegetarian however I believe that animals have the right to respect and care while they are alive.

Animal cruelty should be banned for all animals not just the animals we have bonded with like our household pets. 

Please understand that even livestock feel the same pain and fear as every other animal we love and already protect.

These animals are giving their lives for our well being, don’t they deserve better than the treatment they are currently receiving? 

Thank you for your time to read my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Sarhn McArthur”


Here is Tanya Plibersek response:


“Dear Sarhn,

Thank you for writing to me about the live export industry.

It is important to recognise that the live export industry is a major employer in Australia. I share your concerns, however, for the welfare of the animals during their transport, handling and slaughter overseas.

I know that the Minister for Agriculture, the Hon. Tony Burke MP, is aware that many people share these concerns as I have made representations to Minister Burke in the past about this issue on behalf of constituents in my electorate of Sydney.  I have taken this opportunity to also forward your email to the Minister for his information.

Thanks again for taking the time to write to me. I can assure you that I will keep your views in mind in any dealings I have with my colleagues around this important issue in the future.

Best wishes,


The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP

Federal Member for Sydney”


In ending I wanted to say that being ‘green’ for me is about a journey of awareness.  Being aware of my personal impact on this wonderful world but also being aware of the pain and suffering of life around me.  This means kids living on the streets of Sydney, refugees in far away places and the suffering of all animals.  Coming from a place of awareness I feel humbled and honoured that I can do my little part to make a change for the better.


** Note or News Flash – Did anyone hear Erin Burnett’s (US anchor on CNBC) outburst about Mr. Rudd being a serial killer due his decision to spend $19 million to cull feral camels in the outback?  Personally it just feels hypocritical when Australian’s have been so vocal about banning Japan from Whaling.  What do you think? 


Thanks for reading. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Are Australians Hypocritical?

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  2. Hi Karrie and Nevyn,

    I knew this post was going to start a good debate.

    Really appreciate both your comments and thank you for taking the time to express them on this post.

    Can’t speak for everyone but personally your views help me to have a more well rounded and fair opinion on some really tough issues.

    I have received an email (scaned in from a letter) from Peter Ottesen who is the Acting Executive Manager for Agricultural Productivity Division which is response to my email to Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP. I will post it to this blog soon as I think you all might find the response interesting.

    Sarhn 🙂


  3. Ok, I’ve finished reading. You’ve picked a goodie this week.

    I’ll be serious now. I still think Australians are hypocritical.

    And I’m guilty as charged. I think Japan should be ashamed of itself for hunting whales. Whale populations are still recovering from us human nearly wiping them off the face of the planet. There is no real reason why they should be hunted unless you belong to the Inuit.

    As for the culling of animals in Australia, I have to say I support it. If you have thousands of Kangaroos that are starving, skin and bones and suffering, then the kindest thing that can be done is to cull them. If they are fit, healthy and the land can support them, leave them alone.

    I also don’t have a problem eating Kangaroo, from an environmental point of veiw farming Roos are way better than farming Methane producing cows.

    I’m not sure where Aniamls Australia got their info from but I’d take it with a grain of salt. By law Kangaroos are to be shot. If anyone is stupid enough to get close enough to a wild Kangaroo and try and beat it’s head in, they will get a nasty shock. The same goes for decapitation. Any wild animal would bolt or attack. The only way this could happen is if the Kangaroo was so sick it couldn’t run or defend itself. Which brings me back to culling been the kindest thing, if neccessary. ONLY. if neccessary

    I won’t support the hunting, culling etc of any threatened or endangered species (except spiders) because once they’re gone there is no going back.

    I won’t support the slow, painful death of our own wildlife either. When the land can’t support them and they are suffering, it would be nothing short of torture and cruelty to let them continue like that. Australia is a harsh country and whether we like it or not sometimes we have to do harsh things.

    I did see that woman on the news. Bloody moron.

    Sorry about the very long waffling comment but I thought given your feelings on protecting our wildlife I felt you deserved the respect of a sensible reply, for a change.

    Another great post.


  4. Firstly the live export industry is not and I repeat is not a major employer. The number of people who are directly employed by the live export industry in just 3000. This figure can be substantiated-unlike the numbers which are touted by the industry, but then they have a reason to inflate figures.

    Truth is there are over 40000 job losses directly attributable to live export.

    So according to The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, we must ignore the cruelty because some are employed by this cruel brutal trade…what the hell sort of people are we?

    As for the comments made by Erin Burnett- GREAT stuff. Finally calling these awful money grabbing politicians what they are has happened.

    And I hope the world sees Australia for what it is- a CRUEL NATION.


  5. Thanks Black Sun Cosmonaut for your comment and for leaving some more info for readers to research.

    My point was not really about being for or against the decision (at this stage) to cull the feral camels but just that Australians (including myself) are very vocal on other countries practices yet we have our own issues that we need to be aware of.

    I am all for animal rights and I love being Australian (just have to read my blog to know that). I am all for good depates and wise decisions as well. Thank you again for your point of view as it helpfull to get every side of this issue.

    Sarhn 🙂


  6. Erin Burnett’s rant was illfounded and misinformed I suggest to you that your views on this should be tempered by both sides of the arguement here. At least you have the good sense to realise that they are feral and a pest and not ‘wild’ like Ms Burnett has stated.

    A level headed and informed report on the camel population can be found here,25197,25829147-7583,00.html

    Sorry – I am all for animal rights and many of the practices that go on are disgusting but I am also a realist in these matters having been raised both on farm and spending considerable time in outback communities. The damage that camels do pushes out Australian native fauna populations and has significant impact upon the environment which in the bigger scheme of things is far more important than an introduced species.


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