Done with Winter, Ready for Summer!

Regular readers will know that I haven’t written regular posts for a little while now.  To be honest the last six months have been very challenging with business changes, technology issues and personal health concerns.

Yes I have been feeling guilty about my absence.  Taking advice from my own words written on this very blog I have decided not to allow my guilt to win. Today I read again my words from ‘Finding Balance on Ones Green Journey’ and ‘A Pig Feeling’ which both address the issue of guilt.

I must add however even though my posts are not regular my green journey is always on my mind.  Here is what I have been up to these last couple of days/weeks:


1)  In the office at work I have again had another very large clean up.  I have been a photographer for 20 plus years, so you can imagine how much stuff I have accumulated in this time.  Last year I had two such clean ups but I still felt there was stuff not being used and hence needed to go.  If I am not using it then someone else shall have it.  Hating Ebay, I again decided to give everything away through in my local Sydney area.  Giving away items of value instead of selling is so much more enjoyable!


2)  Joined the City of Sydney’s home energy consumption trial.  This trial is limited to 100 households within the City of Sydney Local Government Area.  The key objective of the trial is to educate household members about the operating costs of electrical appliances and to encourage energy efficiency with the home.  I am looking forward to seeing the results and finding ways to lower our energy use even more.


3) City of Sydney had a toxic waste recycle day (batteries, paint tins etc).  For 20 years I have not thrown away any of my old camera batteries (or any batteries) as I knew the damage they cause in landfill.  Over the years I have placed my old batteries in a cardboard box with the hope one day recycling would be possible.  Taking up City of Sydney’s offer, proudly I gave my 20 year old box of batteries to be recycled!  If you would like to know more about these clean ups go to

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6 thoughts on “Done with Winter, Ready for Summer!

  1. Hi Sarhn,

    It is great to see you back. I was going to send out a search party, but didn’t know where to start. Good to see you still living the green life, because sometimes it is easy to slip off of the wagon!

    Keep up the great work,



  2. Nevyn, you are very sweet. I really appreciate your support!

    In fact I am going to mail you a thank you card. Can you email me your postal address Nevyn as I am going to create a really nice card for you using recent images I have taken . My email address is info at (I used ‘at’ instead of ‘@’ so altermatic spam scrawers won’t pick up in this comment that I have given you my email address).

    I’m taking it day by day my friend!



  3. You’re back!

    I was just about to send you another email to how you were going, I figured it was more of the same but I wanted to check if you were ok.

    And you are. Awesome.

    It’s good to have you back.


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