Loving Natra-Kleen

Eighteen months ago Tim Pharo from Pharo Cleaning Services mentioned to me his desire to only use environmentally friendly products in his commercial cleaning company.  He shared about his concern for his staff and the environment with the chemicals found in commercial cleaning products.

Eighteen months on, I am really proud of Tim as he has achieved his goal.  Tim now not only uses the environmentally friendly range ‘Natra-Kleen’ but was so impressed with them, he is now a distributor for their cleaning products range.  Let me give you a little run down on Natra-Kleen as I spent this long weekend testing these products in my own home:

* Australian made products by an Australian owned company.
* Containers are recyclable.
* Products are PH neutral so will not harm water supplies.
* Can purchase products concentrated so it is more economical. 
* Safe for children if they accidentally swallow the products.
* Non toxic.
* Safe for grey water systems.
* Insect repellent.
* Bio-degradable.
* Environmentally safe.
* Non-abrasive.
* Non-corrosive.
* No residual.
* Choose from sphere mint or no fragrance.


Natra-Kleen products contain NO: ammonia, animal fats, bleach, borates, phenol, chlorinated solvents, inorganic alkaline salts, nitrates, phosphates.

I purchased a 1 litre concentrate bottle of the ‘all purpose cleaner’ from Tim.  What I love about the all purpose concentrate is the flexibility of the product i.e being able to use the cleaner for many different purposes.

Firstly I used the liquid as laundry detergent.   The instructions stated to use approx 4 pumps (using the pump included) of liquid for a really dirty, full load inside a top loader washing machine .  Unfortunately however my dogs ‘Mini’ and ‘Cooper’ ate the pump (naughty little monkeys) so I had to improvise. 

One pump is suppose to be 4ml of liquid.  Using a very small measuring cup I worked out that the cap for the container itself, held about 12ml of liquid.  Therefore one cap full of liquid worked out to be approx three pumps.

So now I decided to start with my smelly karate gees (really stinky) with just one cap of concentrate liquid.  The 2nd load was another full load but this time it was our dogs beds, blankets and towels (again very smelly).  This time I decided on two caps of liquid.  Both loads came out smelling & looking clean but I preferred the two cap’s load, as I liked the stronger smell of sphere mint.

Next I used the ‘all purpose cleaner’ as dishwashing liquid (by hand).  I used about a 1/3 of a cap (one pump) which would of been approx 4ml of liquid.  Nothing unusual to report.  The product worked just as well as the dishwashing liquid we were using before except I didn’t have to use as much liquid.

Then using a 500ml spray bottle filled with water and 16ml of liquid, I could use the product as a surface spray.  Therefore I used the spray to clean the kitchen benches after cleaning the dishes in the sink.  My benches weren’t really dirty but I was happy with the clean and I love the sphere mint smell in the kitchen.

Tim gave me the Natra-Kleen disinfectant spray to try.  Tim’s professional cleaning tip about disinfecting kitchen/bathroom surfaces, is to spray the disinfectant onto the surfaces after cleaning and then let it dry naturally.  The reason?  Because often the cloths we use to wipe down benches are not 100% clean and hence we contaminate the surface.

Personally I always worry about using disinfectants on kitchen benches (in food prep areas) as I am concerned about the chemicals contained in these types of products.  After reading about Natra-Kleen disinfectant, I was not concerned about spraying it onto my kitchen surfaces as I knew it was non toxic.

Lastly I used the ‘all purpose cleaner’ to clean the toilet and bathroom.  As I have been unwell lately the shower had some mould on the tiles as it has been awhile since it was cleaned.  After spraying the glass shower screen and tiles and left it for about 5 min, I then used a hand scrubber to go over the surfaces.  In the areas were mould was found (corners and in between the tiles) I used an old tooth brush with pure concentrated liquid. 

In summing up I will definitely use these products again for all these scenarios (and try other products and other uses) however I think a cream cleanser would work better on really dirty bathroom surface.  I believe Natra-Kleen are in the process of inviting a cream cleanser that meets the standards as all their other products.  Until then I might use bicarbonate soda (as a cream cleanser) along with Natra-Kleen’s ‘all purpose cleaning’ product.

This product is safe for restaurants, hospitals and schools and I can recommend it for the household.

For more information or to inquire about purchasing any Natra-Kleen products please contact Tim Pharo tim@pharo.com.au

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3 thoughts on “Loving Natra-Kleen

  1. Thank you Nevyn,

    I have to say that after writing this post I did another load of washing but this time our towls and my bath robe.

    Nevyn my bathrobe came up like new. Old stains were almost gone (doubt anyone would have seen them) and the robe was so soft (I didn’t add anything but two caps of Narta-Keen concentrate).

    I love it!

    If you end up trying it let me know how you go. Any questions just email Tim – he is really lovely and very helpful.

    P.S thank you again for your support Nevyn.


  2. Hi Sarhn,

    It’s good to have you back.

    Natra-Kleen sounds too good to be true. I was definitely interested in how well it works in the laundry. I make my own detergent and I’m a bit over it at the moment.

    Thanks for the info.


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