A Quickie but a Goodie!

It may only be Autumn but I feel ‘snowed’ under and overwhelmed in regards to work & family commitments at the moment.

Forgive the brief post today but I promise that I have a gold nugget of a link for you!!

Click on the link below to view ‘Earth Hour’ photographs from all around the world.  As a photographer I was impressed and as a concerned human being I was inspired.

Click on the link then scroll down the website page.  Some of the photographs you can actually click to instantly see the difference during Earth Hour.  Be your own judge, but I think Las Vegas wins in regards to the biggest response to Earth Hour.

I hope you like this website page and photographs as much as I do.  🙂



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2 thoughts on “A Quickie but a Goodie!

  1. Hi Nevyn,

    I understand your point of view as you share your opinion with my husband.

    My issue with Earth Hour is for a city that started it ie Sydney, we had a really poor response (only the Opera House lights came off).

    What I do like about the event is the awarness it raises. I hope through the process more people are thinking about their lights and power every other day of the year.

    Thanks Nevyn


  2. Hi Sarhn,
    Definitely a quickie but a goodie.

    I have one big problem with Earth Hour. If people can turn their lights off for one hour a year, why can’t they do it all the time?

    I know it’s a step in the right direction and all that but we and the planet don’t have time for ‘token’ efforts. No matter how good and well intentioned it is.

    They were lovely photos.


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