EM Bokashi update & dog poo

On the 12th of July 2008 I wrote a post titled ‘What to do with dog poo?’.

This post was about how we were going to recycle our dog poo (and with two dogs, believe me when I say we have a dog poo factory at our house).

Now moving ahead to the 19th of October 2008,  I  bought some new plants back home from the nursery.  These plants were replanted in larger pots with potting mix and the dog poo that had EM Bokashi sprinkled on it (again read the post ‘What to do with dog poo’ for more info).


Here are photographs I took on that day:

Receycling dog poo with EM Bokashi powder



Today over four months along, I took another photograph of that same plant:


 Plant Growth with EM Bokashi powder and dog poo




Wow our garden pot plants love the dog poo.  As the soil level of pot plants need to be replenished, we top up with a mixture of potting mix and dog poo (sprikled with EM Bokashi powder).


For more help or advice with EM Bokashi powder or Bokashi bins have a look at Bokashi composting in Australia’s blog.

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25 thoughts on “EM Bokashi update & dog poo

  1. Hi Laura,

    Glad you like my site and thank you for your comment. I actually don’t use an official Bokashi bucket for my dog’s poo (I have two small moodles – Maltese x poodles).

    I now have one large white plastic, commercial looking bucket (like painters use). Every time I put dog poo in the bucket, I sprinkle EM Bokashi powder on top (I use the Green Frog brand – http://www.bokashi.com.au/Products.htm).

    Unlike Kate, I have had no trouble with maggots or pests but you need to make sure the lid has a good seal and is closed tightly every time.

    Even after three years since writing this post, I am still doing exactly the same system in recycling my dog poo and I am still very happy with it.

    Hope this helps Laura

    P.S. Thank you Kate for your comment and for helping Laura. 🙂


  2. Hi Laura I ditched the bokashi method . I simply had too much poo from 2 large dogs and got maggots. too gross for me. I didn’t opt for the shift method because I didn’t think I had enough garden to sustain this method.
    I live in NZ and have opted for 4 wormeloos, but really could do with 6. http://www.wormsrus.co.nz/worm-e-loo.html. I bought these without the worms. These are essentially worm towers ( google to see) . I sprinkle a little boskashi on the poo. Also a litre of water and lime once a week. I sourced my worms to seed the worm towers from my worm farm. The worm towers are under my roses away form my edible garden. I should have fab roses this year. Works well so far.


  3. Hi Kate,
    Great site. Can I ask which Bokashi you use for the pet waste? I already have the regular Bokashi for for food scraps etc but I have noticed there is a “shift” Bokashi for dog poo. Do I need to go out and purchase this or would you recommend I just use the one I have.


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  5. Hi Kate,

    That is interesting. I have a couple of thoughts for you.

    Firstly because we live in a inner City Suburb of Sydney we only have a small courtyard where the dogs do their business ie their poo goes onto the pavers (no grass). Because they go on pavers instead of grass, I think their poo drys out very quick.

    Also because of the small courtyard, I am picking up their poo twice a day (early morning and again late afternoon/ early evening). This will mean that there is not enough time for flys to lay eggs.

    Kate if I had a large back yard ie bigger than my front yard (1m x 3m), I wouldn’t be doing the system that is described above. I would be digging a large hole at the back of the yard with which I could add the dog poo and Bokashi powder each day. To cover the hole, I would buy a doggie poo loo lid – see this link for example http://www.cityfarmer.org/petwaste.html

    Kate in regards to your question about what to do with you maggot infestation, I would dig a very big hole somewhere in your yard and burry it (add lots of EM BOkashi powder). Don’t burry too close to plants and don’t burry anywhere near veggies or fruit tree.

    Does this help Kate?


  6. Hi Sarhn, I’m onto my first doggie poo bokashi tho am getting tiny maggots which are trying to escape. I understand if this were my regular kitchen garden waste this would not be normal and i would need to ditch. My guess is that flies have laid on the dog poo while on the lawn and are simply hatching and making a run from the fermenting environment. Do you have this problem and any thoughts on whether I would ditch this batch or not etc. cheers Kate


  7. Hi Kate, no I don’t have a drainage system with the dog poo bucket. Most of the time the dog poo is very dry by the time it goes into the bucket because I usually do the dog poo pick up at the end of the day – a couple of hours in the Australian sun the dog poo is bone dry (most of the time).

    We now have a huge 20 litre bucket and it takes us about 6 months (we have two small dogs). When I add the dog poo mixture (once the bucket is full) to the pot plants I find the mixture is moist – like a rich mud/soil composition.

    Hope this helps.


  8. do you have drainage holes in your dog poo bokashi bucket or is liquid not a prob and do you leave once full for a week or so like regular bokashi?


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  10. Read your first post back when you started and though it was a neat idea. Great to see it working! Would you mind if do a “good idea” post sometime and link you to my blog on bokashiworld.wordpress.com?
    Enjoy the rest of your summer! (Here in Sweden we’re waiting for the last of the snow to melt, for the ground to thaw, for the first spring flowers to appear. Just longing for it!)


  11. You are right Gavin. Also I have found that dog worm medication will kill worm farm worms. Just don’t add the dog poo to any plants that would later be consumed. i.e. lemon trees, vegies etc

    Oh Tricia, my heart just broke for you again when you wrote that you have only one little dog. I just remembered you post about the passing of your other little dog last week. Mini & Cooper (my dogs) send their love. 🙂


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