‘Mega’ Fires

To be honest, the last couple of days I have found it hard to write a new post.


I am finding it hard to articulate any words after the bush fires. 


What I am failing to do in words however, I am doing in actions.  Just like millions of Australians I have donated to the Victorian Bush Fire – Red Cross Fund.  Also I have felt moved to donate to the RSPCA Victorian Bush Fire fund, to help with the ongoing help for the animals (pets, live stock & wild life) who were inquired in the fires.


If anyone else would like to donate to the RSPCA Victorian Bush Fire fund please visit their website.


I am still up and watching channel 10’s late news.  Did anyone else catch the story about the age of the ‘mega’ fires?  These ‘mega’ fires have so been named because they say that they are so strong we no longer have the facility to control them.


The news story went on to say that perhaps scientists have under estimated the impact climate change will have on our environment.


A couple months ago I was the commissioned professional photographer that captured images for the 2009 Australian Fire Protection Industry conference.  Many speakers at the conference talked about the impact that global warming and climate change will have on their industry and the problems they will face not only in the future but right now.


Perhaps the reason for my melancholy is not just the sadness about the bush fires but also the knowledge that these ‘mega’ fires are here to stay.



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5 thoughts on “‘Mega’ Fires

  1. Thanks everyone,

    I actually have only just found out that in VIC back burning and clearing trees for bush fire protection near homes has been an issue.

    I wonder how much environment damage these fires have caused – I wouldn’t be surprised if it is more than maintained back burning would have caused.

    Yes I agree with Nevyn………. “Sometimes you have to lose a little to save alot.”

    Wombat064 I am glad someone else saw the news story. I have even more appreciation towards our fire fighters now after watching it.

    Hey Tricia thanks for mentioning you feel the same, as I thought that I am over reacting and perhaps don’t have a right to feel this way because I have not lost loved ones or my home.


  2. I saw the story on mega fires and its horrifying.

    The only way to put out a large bush fire is to starve the fire of fuel and cool the area.

    The 3 things a fire needs to burn is air , fuel and heat. take any one thing away and the fire should go out.

    Not practical in a mega fire, the only way to choke the fire is to use a large explosion, momentaraly knocking the wind out of the fiire.

    Then imediately then cooling the area so the whole lot does not re ignite. Water spray will further dissipate oxygen and cool if the heat is not sufficent enough to turn it into steam before it cools.

    Then its a case of remove any othe fuel that is around that can cause re ignition and that is cause four fuel reduction burns.


  3. Hi Sarhn,

    I didn’t see the story about the mega fires, I wish I had. I think after these fires there might be a change in a few environmental policies. Like allowing property owners to back burn and cut down trees to make fire breaks. Sometimes you have to lose a little to save alot.

    It’s just plain wrong that any of this happened


  4. I can so relate to your comments re how hard it is to write a new post. I have found it hard to put into words my saddness over the bushfires – so much so that I just ended up not mentioning the fires at all in my blog.

    I didn’t see the sory over the Mega Fires – but appreciate how such huge uncontrollable fires are likely to part of living in a warmer Australia. Not great news for us nor for nature.



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