Only in Australia………


……….Could such terrible and saddening destruction occur from floods in the North while apocalyptic raging fires cause total destruction of homes and loss of lives in the South.


As an Australian I am grieving.  Today no other post was appropriate given the news over last couple of days.


On hearing the news, I rang my Nan and she answered the phone without knowing who was on the other end “I’m ok, we are all ok”.  Listening to her frail voice brought me to tears but I held back the sound of my concern so not to upset her.


I am relieved that my family and friends in both the flood and fire regions are ok but I am sickened and saddened by the tremendous loss.  The numbers look to go way over 200 people lost to the fire and thousands of homes, live stock, pets, and possessions lost to both fire and flood.


For all those who have been affected by the floods and fire please know that the nation grieves with you. 


I am not sure of any other words to add, but to say; please let us who have not been affected, do not forget those who have.



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