Inspirational People and Blog Love

This post has been inspired by people around me and they are inspirational, in the ‘living green category’.  This is a list of the ‘Sarhn awards’.  Like the Grammies and Oscars but only better!  J



My cousin Amber

An amazing woman who has been supporting my quest to not only live a greener life but also a life lived free from cruelty to animals.  Read my post about Lucy which was inspired by Amber.


Amber has just won international recognition for her caring for animals charity work.  The company Amber works for is owned by a company called Liberty Global who has an annual award scheme that celebrates employees that do volunteer work in their community. Amber was a finalist this year (not bad considering there are 22,000 employees world wide) but the best news is that the prize of 1000 Euros goes directly to Amber’s charity – the RSPCA.
My good friend Dave

Regular readers will be familiar of Zoo man, Tassie Devil defender Dave.  His wife Lou is a regular contributor of information to this blog.


Dave is regularly featured in the press.  From being on the TV show ‘The Zoo’ and many newspaper and magazine articles; Dave speaks out about the plight of our Tassie Devil. 


Remember the Tassie Devil fund raiser in 2008?  Dave’s virtual Devil and many others helped to raise over $50,000.  This money will help zoos throughout Australia breed Devils for release into the wild when it’s safe to do so.


Dave Schaap and Tassie Devils



Graham (I met Graham when I photographed his wedding)

I recently found Graham and his wife on facebook.  They accepted my invitation to join my facebook network of friends. 


Looking through Graham’s photographs and facebook profile I was not only inspired but surprised.  Surprise because I never knew of his work and researching in saving the Ethiopian Wolf.  This species of wolf are those long legged variety found in the mountains of Ethiopia and there are only 500 remaining.


According to the ‘Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme’ website, Graham joined as a field coordinator in 2006 and since then has been working in Ethiopian in the attempts to save this species.   


My husband Brett

Hi gorgeous man you!  You have been totally supportive of the changes I have made throughout our home and lifestyle.  I realise that my quest to live a ‘greener’ life directly impacts you and thus you have also been on a ‘green’ journey that was not of your own partaking. Though this was my idea and passion you have embraced the ‘green’ journey and made it your own.  Thank you for your love and support.


Australian Bloggers

This is a little thank you to those bloggers who have supported, encouraged and inspired me on my journey to live a ‘greener’ life.


Greening of Gavin

Towards Sustainability

Nevyn’s World

Green Change

Green Lettuce Soup

Little Eco Footprints

Bokashi Composting in Australia




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19 thoughts on “Inspirational People and Blog Love

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  2. Hi Joe, thanks for the link to the Zoo’s channel 7 promo……….wow it is out there isn’t it (the promo that is). Would have liked to see more zoo animals and zoo keepers but cool song; it is catchy.

    Thanks again for posting the link.



  3. The Ethiopian Wolf is an amazing animal but it isn’t me that is doing the amazing work to save them but Graham and many others like him. I’m just speading the news and a little more awarness of their work.

    Thanks for reading Watt.


  4. Dave you and Lou are inspirational ! Thank you on behalf of all Australians for your hard work in helping to keep the Tassie Devils alive. I just don’t think many Australians realise how many of our loved native animals are close to being extinct.

    I can’t imagine living in Australia without the Tassie Devil but I know this could be a reality.

    You are a legend Dave!


  5. Hey Gav, funny story……I read your comment on my Blackberry last night. I thought you must be responding to something in this post but I couldn’t work out the conection.

    So I asked my husband what your comment meant and he started singing in a muppet voice “It’s not easy being green”. I forgot about that Kermit the Frog song. Miss Piggy would be very angry at me!


  6. Hey Sarhn,
    Well I’m honoured to be listed as an inspirational person…Just doing my bit to keep a species alive (which is an overwhelming role to have when you think about it…so I try not to).

    Thanks so much for your support.



  7. Thanks Sarhn, I really appreciate your kind words. Who said it was hard to be green? Some one should throttle that frog, because with mates like you, it is very simple!



  8. Hi Tricia,

    By looking at your blog I would never have guessed that you have been only blogging for a couple of weeks. Welcome to cyber blog world. There are some really wonderful bloggers out there and especially in the Australian green category you will find the bloggers are very supportive.

    It takes time and you woud be surprised on who is reading (even if people don’t always leave comments they do read).

    And look you have already made an impact as you gave me the great idea of starting a ‘Clean Up Australia’ day for our dog walking area!

    Hey it is blog love all around today!


  9. Thanks so much for the mention Sarhn! I honestly appreciate it – particularly given that I have only been blogging for a few weeks and still feel like nobody is reading.
    Looks like you are very lucky to have so many inspiratonal ‘friends’.



  10. Aw shucks, you shouldn’t have.(blushing bright red)

    You forgot someone when you handed out the ‘Sarhn Awards’

    for making people more aware of buying Australian made and owned products.

    running a green business. Alot of the blogs I read focus mainly on the home. You remind us that living a greener life goes beyond the home.


  11. Wow, thanks for the link-love! The journey towards sustainability has been an interesting one for me, and your reading blog has helped. It’s great to be able to find like-minded people online to share/steal ideas from :-).


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