Mouthwash dangerous and toxic?

Coming back from holidays, my husband and I were greeted with the headline “household mouthwash dangerous”. 


I find it interesting that one of the last stories we heard before leaving on holidays, was that some sun blocks are toxic.


Awhile ago, I bought a book titled “The Chemical Maze” by Bill Statham.  This book lists many chemicals and additives used not only in cosmetics and health products but also food and beverages.  Not only lists them but lists their potential effects.


Then armed with this book, I checked out the ingredients of just about every skin care and health product we had in our bathroom.  Out went the Listerine and many other products!


Again for 2009 I make a commitment to only buy products which are:


1)                   Not just non toxic but organic.

2)                   Not tested on little fluffy bunnies or any animals.

3)                   Don’t use animal products.

4)                   Packaging is recyclable.

5)                   Australian made and owned.


Our earth has been telling us a story for years about looking after her.  Ironically looking after her we look after ourselves.  You treat the earth like a toxic rubbish tip you do so at your own peril.


May I add a little note on a blogger who inspires me?  Julie from Towards Sustainability makes her own hair and skin products from natural ingredients for her family.  Check out Julie’s skin care products recipes.

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6 thoughts on “Mouthwash dangerous and toxic?

  1. Hi Alexandra,

    I just checked out your blog – very cool. Do you hold training or information meetings about sustainability at your bed and breakfast? Sounds like a nice idea for people to get away and stay in a place that is eco and sustainability friendly.

    No I am not familiar with the Skindeep cosmetics databank. Is it a list of brands that meet certain green friendly credentials?

    My own personal list of credentials for skincare brands; before I purchase are:

    * organic

    * Australian owned and made (good for our local economy and less transporting so good for environment)

    * not tested on animals

    * no animal products used

    * recyclable packaging

    Is that similar to the Skindeep cosmetics databank?

    Thanks Alexandra


  2. I found your blog while trying to research the ingredients in Cool Mint Listerine. I run a green B&B on Cape Cod and blog about being a green innkeeper. Are you familiar with the Skindeep cosmetics databank, created by the Environmental Working Group?


  3. Hi Sarhn,

    Sorry, my hairdresser isn’t in Sydney. I know she used to work there years ago before heading overseas for awhile. If you like, I can ask her if she knows of any organic salons down there. I’m pretty sure she would find out for me if she didn’t. I can’t recommend them enough. I haven’t had dry or split ends since I started seeing her and that was more than 4 years ago.

    I’m sorry I keep spelling your name wrong. I keep getting the R and the H muddled.


  4. Hi Nevyn,

    I did know about Alchemy the brand. I am pretty sure they tick on my boxes ie Australian owned, not tested on animals etc.

    Currently I am using Simply Natural Oil shampoo and Natural Instict skin care.

    I was planning on trying A’Kin once I ran out of what I have.

    By the way who is this organic hairdresser? Are they in Sydney city?


  5. Hi Sahrn,

    A company worth checking out is Alchemy, they make shampoo, conditioner and all the other ‘stuff’. They also sell the brand A’kin. They’re also Australian owned.

    I can reccommend their Shampoo and Conditioner, even my hairdresser is impressed. She owns the only organic hairdressing salon in the city, quite possibly the region.

    When I read your remark about treating the world like a rubbish tip, something that was said me a few years ago came to mind;

    Have you ever noticed that birds don’t shit in their nest.
    So why are we shitting in ours?

    Please excuse the language, but using all the polite words just don’t have the same impact.


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