Choosing ‘Real’ Free Range Eggs

After being shocked by finding out that not all eggs advertised as free range are ‘real’ free range, I have been researching on what eggs I should be buying.


Read my original post titled ‘Choice’s 2008 Shonky Awards – free range eggs a winner?’


Tonight I walked into my local IGA supermarket to pick up some supplies when I strolled passed the egg aisle.  I spotted a new free range egg brand ‘Fryar’s Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs’.


Got home and found their website and I am thrilled and confident that when I buy ‘Fryar’s Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs’, that they come from really happy hens.


Fryar’s Free Range Poultry Farm covers 3,000 acres and is situated near Kingscote on Kangaroo Island.  Apparently there are 35,000 hens on the farm which produces 10,000 dozen eggs per week.


There are mobile poultry sheds on the farm which provides shelter, nesting boxes and timber rails for roosting.  What I love is that the sheds allow the birds access in and out as they please.  The sheds are mobile so they can be moved across the paddock giving the hens’ access to fresh pasture.


They do not allow beak trimming which allows the hens to peck and scratch for seeds, insects, grubs.


After checking out their website I am really impressed by what I have read.  I believe the photographs of their hens and paddocks matches my expectations of free range hens and eggs.


Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs is externally audited by Animal Liberation S.A. to ensure the hens are genuine free range.




 fryars kangaroo island free range eggs




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7 thoughts on “Choosing ‘Real’ Free Range Eggs

  1. Hi Sarhn
    Here is the link to my website, oops, forgot the www.

    At the moment I don’t have any spare eggs so the lack of distribution in Sydney isn’t an issue, however when my new flock starts laying early next year it would be useful to have a good rep in the big smoke; so if you happen to come across one let me know (don’t see why the buyer at your IGA would mind you asking).

    It is a perfect morning here, light mist in the valley with the morning sun turning the fresh new growth to gold and the mangoes (huge set this year) swelling as I watch.

    Many thanks


  2. Hi Simon,

    To be honest I wouldn’t know where to start to find out about distributors for eggs. I don’t know if IGA shares this type of information?

    Simon the link you provided dosen’t work (try clicking on your name in your comment and you will see what I mean). Are you able to leave another comment with your website details? I would love to check it out.

    Glad to hear the rain is starting to fall for you. I know how dry Melbourne and VIC is.

    Thanks for stopping by and having a read and for leaving a comment Simon.

    Sarhn 🙂


  3. Hi Sarhn

    Thanks for your interest in chook welfare. Love your idea of a road trip, it would be great to visit other travellers on the road to liberation (of chooks of course!) and see how they are faring. Here it is a constant struggle to improve on welfare practices and keep on top of all the daily chores and keep fresh pasture up to the hungry girls. We have just had some welcome rain after four months with hardly any. My pastures are greening up already.

    If you can find out the distributor for the kangaroo island eggs in Sydney I may be able to come to the same arrangement as I have with their Melbourne distributor and you could be able to sample my certified free rang eggs.

    If you do make it up our way please come and visit.



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  5. Gav that sounds like a great idea!

    Actually I have thought of doing an Australian blog road trip some time. Journey from blogger to blogger and saying Gday!

    I would love to stop by and say hello to you and the pampered girls!



  6. Hi Sarhn,

    yes you could by Kangaroo Is eggs or better still, when you are next in Melton you could visit my chook farm and grab some eggs from my pampered girls!

    I am sure I have a dozen or so on hand.

    Merry Christmas



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