Greenies’ Coke Use A Wrecker

“Greenies’ Coke Use A Wrecker” was the title of an article in Sydney’s MX daily newspaper today.

I am going to include the whole article in this post because I think it is worth a read.  In the past I have personally worked as a volunteer youth worker for over 15 years.  I have worked with not only bright, talented and fortunate teenagers but also the ones people really don’t want living next door as a neighbour.  First hand I have seen time and time again the devastation drugs cause on the user and their families (if they were lucky to have families).


Interesting enough over this time, never once had I considered the devastation drugs are causing on our environment.  If drug takers and in particular the social drug takers don’t care about their health, finances or family to stop taking drugs maybe thinking about the damage they are causing to the environment might make them think twice (yeah I know it is a long shot).


Here is the article:


Does white powder damage your green credentials?  Colombia’s vice president says middle class cokeheads, who recycle and take their shopping home in reusable bags, should realise their habit is wrecking the environment, particularly his country’s rainforests.


“These people, who have good jobs and drive a hybrid car or cycle to work because they care about the environment, may go to a party and do some lines of coke and they are thinking it is no problem” Francisco Santos said.  “They are absolutely unaware of the ecological impact of their drug taking and we want to change that.”


Colombia launched a campaign to make Europeans aware of the impact of the drug industry on their country two years ago.  But Europeans cocaine use has doubled in the past year and Santos is changing tack and hopes that a pleas to people’s eco-conscience will get through.


Santos plans to launch a similar campaign in the US next year.  “We want to show them (cocaine users) destroyed rain forests, wasted land.  Maybe if they don’t care about their own brains, they care about this.”


The Colombian government says 2.2 million hectares of rainforest has been cleared to grow cocaine in the past 20 years, equating to about 4sqm for every gram of cocaine produced.

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