What I have achieved so far on my green journey!

Here is a list of practical things I have been able to achieve so far on my ‘green journey’.


·                     Now ‘air ratting’ my worm farm so it doesn’t become a mini methane producing landfill. 

Read ‘Are Worm Farms any better than Landfill’.


·                     Recycling all my tissues using the worm farm.

Read ‘Winter cold & flu’s produces tissue waste’.


·                     Have come up with a system for recycling our dog poo waste.

Read ‘Why is dog poo so interesting?’


·                     Planted trees on National Tree Planting Day at Sydney Park (27.7.08).

Read ‘The Day of National Tree Day’.


·                     Learnt that the livestock industry is creating more methane greenhouse gas than any other industry.  Thus I have decided to cut back to on eating meat.  Instead of meat every night we have it ever 2nd night.  Also from now on the meat I buy from the grocery store will be cruelty free.

Read ‘A Pig Feeling’.


·                     Learnt that living in the Sydney City Local Council means I don’t have to remove staples from paper or those plastic windows from envelopes before recycling.

Read ‘Do I need to remove staples & plastic windows from envelopes’?


·                     Currently learning about Australian Carbon Credit Schemes.  In the process of offsetting all my carbon emissions (will update you when I have done this).

Read ‘Australian Carbon Credit Schemes’.


·                     Had my very first no waste week!

Read Zero Waste Goals’.


·                     Using a bokashi bin and a worm farm together to reduce our kitchen organic waste.  Now only bones are thrown into the rubbish bin – everything else is recycled.

Post still to be written


·                     Sarhn McArthur Photography is now using 100% post-consumer recycled copy paper.

Read ‘Why I will NOT BE buying Reflex 100% Recycled Paper!’

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3 thoughts on “What I have achieved so far on my green journey!

  1. : Thanks Gav, as always you are very supportive.

    : thepoolroom, thanks for having a read and I am thrilled that it was helpful. Had a look at your blog – Yay nice to find yet another Australian blogger trying to help the environment!

    I will add you to my Australian Blogroll and will enjoy checking out your blog in more detail.



  2. Some great ideas in there, Sarhn. I’ve been looking for practical tips on things we can do to lower our footprint and live more sustainably. There are all the obvious “big ticket” things like rainwater tanks, solar hot water, solar power, buying energy efficient appliances, etc, but it’s important to find zero- or low-cost ideas as well that can be implemented straight away.



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