Our Tassie Devils need some friends


Excuse me for boosting and basking in the sunlight of another’s celebrity notoriety but I am really proud of my friend Dave.  Aka ‘Tassie Devil Crusader Zoo Man Dave’!  If you have been watching the TV show ‘The Zoo’ you would have seen him in action.


Dave’s wife Lou, has left many comments on this blog (read her first response to my original email titled ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’).


Many Australian native animals are facing extinction.  Here is your chance to do something about one of them – ‘The Tassie Devil’ – and it is fun! 


Here is Dave’s email with the details:


“Well it’s no secret that I’ve been working hard on breeding Tassie Devils and have had great success over the last breeding season (Catch “The Zoo” on Channel 7, Tuesday at 7:30pm to see what I’ve been up to).


We’ve created a fun website as well. You can breed your own virtual devil on here or ‘feed’ mine via sponsoring him.  No pressure to do this, more so I just want to show you all what I’ve been up to…There’s some rather fetching photos of your fav devil keeper on there J.


Hope you’re all well. Everything is great at home…. it just keeps getting better and better.


Watch for me on Tele…….





Click here to save the Devils(sponsor Dave’s Tassie Devil)



Click here to save the Devils(Breed your own Tassie Devil)
Click here to save the Devils(I just went on and bred my own Devil. You can sponsor my Tassie Devil if you prefer) 


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