A Green Economy

With all the economic uncertainly in Australia and the world, everyone really has two attitude choices on how they will deal with the current situation.


1)       Become overwhelmed, depressed and anxious about the ever increasing media reports.

2)       Be aware and perhaps cautious but ultimately deciding upon a reflective and positive attitude.


I say reflective attitude, as this is the perfect time to stop, think and reflect on what we individually have been doing in the past and what we would like to change for the future.  Use this time to look inwardly at your values, goals and life.


As a teenager when the ad campaign for ‘Buy Australian’ came out in the 80’s, I have been forever influenced.  ‘Hey true blue, don’t say you’re gone……….” are lyrics etched in my memory. 


The campaign was simply encouraging people to buy Australian made products.


So in my reflective and positive attitude I wish to encourage all Australian’s to remember the ‘Hey True Blue’ advertisement and buy Australian made.


Buying Australian is one requirement on new items I buy.  Here are some more requirements:


1         Australian made & owned company

2         Environmentally friendly made

3         Recyclable packaging

4         Products not tested on animals



Here are two examples of my recent purchases:



1)         Bought comfortable work shoes from Gilmore’s Comfort Shoes. Gilmore’s Comfort Shoes is an Australian owned business.  My shoes were Kumfs that were New Zealand made shoes (does Australia make comfortable shoes for ladies?).  I say if you can’t by Australian by New Zealand! 


I was impressed by Gilmore’s service.  They even gave me a free calico bag (great environment choice).  They asked if I need the shoe box as they could reuse it (another great environment choice).


The only problem was when I got home Mini & Cooper argued over who was going to sit on the bag (they are like two year olds).



2)         Bought Simply Natural Oils organic herbal shampoo.  Australian made & owned, recyclable packaging and not testing on little white fluffy bunnies.  Yay happy with that!




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2 thoughts on “A Green Economy

  1. Hi Gav,

    I knew you would be buying True Blue (Australian) products.

    90-95% of my grocery shopping trolley now is Australian made & a high percentage of that are Australian owned companies.

    I have stuck to my budget per week in doing this (sometimes have cut some little treats out so we stick to our budget and keep buying Australian).

    This is good for Australia, our farmers, our earth (buying locally lessens travel emissions) and I believe my health (Australia has tough food guidelines – Stronger in some cases on Australian made food than imported food. You only have to look at China and their recent diary scandal to see what I mean).

    Thanks Gav!


  2. Well done Sarhn. I too support local products as much as I can, but mainly in the purchasing of food stuffs. Local veggies, meat and staples.

    Australian made shoes are just so hard to buy at an affordable price.



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