Computer Wows Won’t Keep Me Down

Sorry for my little absence.  We were having some internet and computer issues at work.  Even though I have other forms of internet access like my black berry, the extra work curriculum; like writing blogs was difficult.  For me it felt like I had fallen off the face of the internet world i.e. two weeks without checking facebook, blogs etc is a very long time!


Just because two weeks I wasn’t here in this space in person, I was here however in spirit (if you know what I mean).


Here is what I have been doing on my green journey these last two weeks.


1       Given away to ‘Free Cycle’ large display frames, a modern book shelf, photography books, computer stuff and heaps of bits and pieces.  Just stuff we don’t need anymore and though we could have sold through Ebay we couldn’t be bothered.  Giving away stuff is far more rewarding than selling through Ebay and far better than throwing to landfill!


2       Went to Reuse Garbage Centre in Marrickville Sydney and bought some 2nd hand bricks to put under our large outdoor garden pot plants.  This way our dogs can’t eat the plants anymore.  In browsing around I also bought some stuff for the office and home.


3       Dropped by an opt shop and bought a little bookshelf that fits perfectly in our bathroom area.  I plan to sand the wood down then give it a fresh coat of paint.  I have been looking for something that will fit this small space in the bathroom.  The shelf cost me $15 2nd hand but a new one that I priced was around $187.  Buy 2nd hand saves our money and the environment.


4       I have always wanted a slow cooker.  Instead of buying a new one, I jumped onto Ebay and bought one that had only been used three times for only $20.50.


5       Completed my grocery shopping list of companies that are Australian owned and make products that are Australian made.  Buy Australian owned and made helps Australia’s economy, our framers (who are doing it tough) and the environment (less shipping emissions).


6       Found out that KR Castlemaine produces a range of free range bacon.  My husband and I have gone without for months since I wrote the post about Lucy.  Now that I have found Australian free range bacon, we can enjoy our bacon again (every now and then).


7       Placing all kitchen household scraps now in our Bokashi bin.  Soon will be adding this to our worm farm.  I will let you know how this goes.


8       My birthday is in two weeks time.  As my husband says I am now officially the hardest person to buy for, we went shopping for a really good vegetarian cook book (I know……. but it is all I really wanted).



I have to say that I am loving this green journey of mine!

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2 thoughts on “Computer Wows Won’t Keep Me Down

  1. Hi Gavin,

    Thank you. I have missed my online friends. After days of issues we got Gizmo out and they sorted it in two hours. (I don’t mind plugging companies that I think are great).

    It’s good to be back and it’s good to be missed.



  2. Welcome back Sarhn. I was wondering where you had got to! I am glad you have kept on going, doing the green thing.

    I know what you mean about being the hardest person to buy for. You are looking at the only man in Melbourne who went into Myer with a $100 gift card and left the store without a thing.



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