Why is dog poo so interesting?

If you take a sneak peak at the statistics of each individual post on my website you will discover something a little strange.


The overall top posts in regards to how many hits (different from the daily top posts which I display on the left hand side) are all to do with dog poo!  Funny hey?!?


It is been awhile so here is an update on our household dog poo and what we do to recycle it.


Currently I am scoping up the poo and placing inside a bucket with a lid.  I do this daily then sprinkle ‘EM Bokashi’ over the top (about a handful).  For more information on why I am doing this please read ‘what to do with dog poo’ post.


Since I have been doing this we have noticed that there is no really bad smell in the bucket.  The previous bad smell has been replaced with a vinaigrette type fragrance.  The bucket is kept outside which used to attracted lots of flies (even with the lid on) but now we are adding ‘EM Bokashi’ the files are not flying around the bucket anymore.


Very soon I plan to burry the dog waste in the large plant pots around our home.


As regular readers will know, we live in the inner city of Sydney.  We are lucky to have a reasonably large back courtyard (no grass) where the dogs are kept.  This means we are able to have large pots.  But what if you live in a unit with no real option of burring dog waste?


I think I have finally come up with a solution (feel free to judge my thinking).  Try scoping up the doggie poo in those biodegradable doggie bags then sprinkle ‘EM Bokashi’ over the poop. 


Then tie the bag up tight so no air can get in, which will make it an anaerobic brake down process (without air).  Apparently ‘EM Bokashi’ neutralises the methane and hence is not emitted into the atmosphere if brake down is anaerobic


You then could burry the bags in a family or friend neighbour’s yard.  Or if have no other option then you could put into the garbage bin (because you will not be adding to the landfill methane problem).


I am really interested to know my readers thoughts on this one.  J



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