Green Psychology – we are what we buy

Standing in a department store line waiting to be served at the check out, got me thinking.  Watching all the busy people, hurryingly around franticly buying items that they felt they needed, gave me a little insight into my own past buying behaviour.


Turning to my husband Brett I said “I am aware that we buy things as a way of rewarding ourselves for how hard we work.  We tell ourselves we have been working really hard and hence we deserve these items…………. But would we have to work so hard if we didn’t continually reward ourselves?”


“Freedom from desire leads to inward peace” was a quote from Lao-Tzu in the 16th BC.  Even though I read these words months ago, I am only starting to glimpse upon its truth for my own personal ‘green’ journey.


All the things that I have purchased up to this point have been a way of defining who I am.  We all do this.  What we buy is so tied up with our inner psychology – our thinking that I doubt many people could honesty claim that they are comfortable with themselves, if they stopped all unnecessary consumerism.


Ask yourself, “am I comfortable with whom I am?”  If the answer is no then ask,”how do I attempt to achieve conformability?”


I ponder again my words from one of my recent posts; “I am starting to wonder and maybe even believe the damage we have done to our world is a direct result of the damage in our hearts, minds, souls and spirit.”


I am fortunate however that I am becoming aware; my eyes are opening to my inner thoughts and now understand my own personal reasons for what I purchase.  I believe if people continue to have a never ending lack of personal inner knowledge, it will hurt their finances, their spirit and ultimately our world’s environment.


Every day I am experiencing the peace that Lao-Tzu spoke about as I move away from the desire to consume towards a greener existence.

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6 thoughts on “Green Psychology – we are what we buy

  1. Hi Margeuerite,

    I have already spotted your blog as you have a category on ‘Green Psychology’ that I have found really interesting to read.

    It appears we are on the same wave length.

    I am honoured you have found your way here to my blog.

    Thanks for reading and I will add you to my international blogroll. I will link to your twitter as well (mine is sarhngreenerme)



  2. Hi Gavin,

    I appreciate your thoughts on this subject. Interesting you should mention about the credit crunch as I have been thinking a lot about this.

    Gavin I am wondering if many of generation X (of which I am the age of) and generation Y, may need to start to learn the skills of survival and simplicity that our grandparents knew so well.

    Many generation X & Y’s have lived in such an abundant life and never really saw hard times (except for the older generation X’s who were children / teenagers in the early 80’s when interest rates went to 18% in Australia).

    Our grandparents worked hard but lived and loved life. I feel a little sad now that I didn’t pay enough attention to their stories as I wonder if their tales would be really benefit now to my generation and younger generations.

    Thank you for your thoughts Gavin – you have got me thinking further on this!


  3. Deep but meaningful Sarhn. I like what Lao-Tzu has to say about desire. People often confuse wants with needs, and end up with a hollow feeling instead of being fulfilled. The rat race sucks, but most people just don’t get it yet. Maybe it will take the credit crunch and spiralling debt for the average aussie to get a reality check that less is more, and happiness is derived from simplicity instead of complexity and waste.

    It took me a while to figure it out, but in the end I did.


    P.S. I am glad you liked the chook movie! It was my pleasure.


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