Worm Farm Flower Fertiliser

Last weekend my car was forcibly broken into. L  The back rear passenger window was smashed to gain entry.


Luckily however I was insured so after a call to my insurer on Monday, I was surprised with the speed the car window was fixed.  Tuesday morning the ‘window man’ came around to the house.  It was all very convenient and easy.


One of the first things the ‘window man’ said to me on arrival was “you must be a good gardener” as he eyed off my flowering orchards.  To which I proudly responded “worm fertiliser”.


I have said it before and I will say it again, worm fertiliser is like liquid gold for plants.  They love it!!  It makes any ordinary gardener like me look brilliant!


Time for show and tell…………. thought you might like to enjoy my flowering orchards too.



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