Zero Waste Goal

This week Brett my husband put all the bins out (garbage & recycle).  This was done on Monday night ready for collection first thing Tuesday morning.


So last night being Tuesday I went to bring the bins in.  After finding our two recycle bins, I ran around madly looking for our ‘wheelie bin’ (garbage bin).  My anger started to rise with the thought someone has nicked one of our bins again!


Not sure if you are aware but apparently in the city of Sydney, stealing garbage & recycle bins is big business…… just kidding…… it is just people being LAZY to go to the council and get their own bins.  Hence they drive around late at night and steal bins still left out (Grrrrrrrr don’t get me started on this subject).


Anyway back to the story……….. In my mad attempt to look for the garbage bin, I noticed it was still in our back yard.  Oh no Brett must have forgotten to put it out but opening the lid revealed that there was nothing inside.


It quickly dawned on me that our household officially had its first zero waste week.  Yes we had plenty of organic kitchen waste but the worms ate that.  Yes we had paper, glass, tin, plastic etc waste but that was recycled.  Yes we even had garden waste but the Sydney council will even give you a bin for recycling this too.


Yeah right on!!!!!!  After a year of having a goal of running a household that produces zero waste we are seeing results.


Still have a long way to go as I bet next week we will have a bag of waste in our wheelie bin again but the bag is getting smaller every time!


Check out City of Sydney’s website


I’m feeling good!  J

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4 thoughts on “Zero Waste Goal

  1. It is absurd when you think about it – people nicking rubbish bins but it happens all the time!

    Get your own bins………news flash……….they are free from your local council!

    Thanks KR – glad to read I am not the only one!


  2. Hi Sarhn

    This happened to me too, in Granville, NSW, Australia!

    My bin went missing for 2-3 weeks. My unit neihbor reminded me of a prev ocassion when our physical house neighbor pinched bins before. So that made me think…

    A lot of waste etc, lazy, they just steal a bin from our rubbish compound, give them some extra rubbish storage, then they stashed all the rubbish in their garage.

    I looked over the fence and could not see my beloved wheelie bin. So, tip, if you are looking over the fence, it may actually be in the garage, or in this case, maybe it was even inside their house!

    So, one night, after a couple of beers down the road watching rugby, I was walking home from the pub. I was rampant. I knocked on the door of the suspect, and asked politely, ” I seem to have misplaced my wheelie bin. You haven’t seen anyone hanging around the rubbish compound nextdoor at number XX?)” “No”, said the neighbor. Me said, “ok, sorry to disturb you”.

    1 week later, the bin reappeared.

    I have had it back for 8 weeks. There is not much you can do, but call the police around, if you have some proof.

    I am glad I approached them. In the near future, I guess we will be installing some IP camera’s, leading back to some cheap storage, as security) (powered by a solar panels of course)



  3. Hi smarttraveler,

    Hey thanks for stopping by, having a read and leaving a comment!

    The goal of zero waste is achievable. Brake it down to smaller goals i.e. first goal might be to recycle house hold organic waste. Then once you have achieved that and ready, make another goal.

    Little goals joined together can achieve big things!



  4. That’s really nice. Wish we could do the same too, zero waste!
    by the way, thanks for the comment on my weddings blog 🙂


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