Do I need to remove staples & plastic windows from envelopes?

It is the end of another financial year!  I have been catching up on my accounts, BAS & tax today – Yuck!

There is a routine with this time of a year for my business ‘Sarhn McArthur Photography’.

We keep all financial year receipts and accounts for seven years.  At the end of each year, we file the financial year just ended, while removing the financial year receipts from eight years ago.

The process is painful L because I have been personally going through every receipt and removing the staples so they can be recycled.  Then we reuse the files and folders (no point in continually buying new ones).

I have also been personally removing those annoying plastic windows from those equally annoying bills we receive.

Frustration has forced me to look too the internet to research this recycling process of mine.

Do I really need to remove staples and plastic windows from letters and envelopes before recycling?

Decided to check out my local council’s website, as the answer to this question will probably depend on where you live in Australia (or for that matter the world).

Sydney City Council had this to say “There’s no need to remove staples or plastic windows from envelopes”.

So now I will just throw everything into the recycle bin, except for confidential information that we will shred first then put into the recycle bin.

Happy Tax Time! L





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