Green Psychology

I received an email last week from a business associate that got me thinking.  Tony is the President of Manly BNI – a business networking group of which I am a member.


Tony writes “It’s not easy to do the right thing when a) it will cost you; b) the wrong thing is more practical; c) no one will know but you.  It is in these moments that your character becomes strong.”


Thought how true these words are for many trying to live a green life.


Regular readers of ‘Greener Me’ may be aware that my journey to live green is deepening to an inner self analysis of myself and the human psyche.  I am starting to wonder and maybe even believe the damage we have done to our world is a direct result of the damage in our hearts, minds, souls and spirit.


 Looking close into my own thoughts on subjects such as ‘why I buy what I do’ is very revealing.  The answers are what I call my ‘green psychology’.


I have only unwrapped one tiny layer of this thinking.  Wonder what other layers will reveal?

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