What to do with dog poo?

It has been interesting to view the statistics on each post.  By the far the most popular post has been Doggie Poo Loo’.


As a recap on this post, I decided that it would not be the best option to add our dog poo to our worm farm.  So we have been scoping it up and placing in a bucket with a lid and then once a week burring it in the garden.


I have read so many blogs and websites on this issue. I was concerned and confused with the suggestion that burring dog poo in your garden (what we were doing) is better than placing the waste straight into your garbage bin to be taken to landfill.  Isn’t both processes anaerobic (without air) brake down and this produces methane?  We know methane is a greenhouse gas.


Often we can feel better about the environment knowing we are doing something but I struggled with the idea that I was just creating my own little personal methane producing landfill at home.


So this is what I have decided to do now:


I will continue to scop the dog poo up into a bucket with a lid as before but now will sprinkle EM Bokashi powder over the waste each time I add new dog waste.  Then burry the dog poo when the bucket is full.


What is EM Bokashi?


“EM Bokashi is a pleasant smelling product made using a combination of sawdust and bran that has been infused with Effective Micro-organisms (EM). EM Bokashi has traditionally been used to increase the microbial diversity and activity in soils and to supply nutrients to plants.” *


Why do I think adding EM Bokashi over dog waste is better?


1)       Apparently EM Bokashi neutralises the methane and hence is not emitted into the atmosphere.

2)       Burying waste next to plants without EM will mean the waste will produce methane which apparently can harm or kill your plants.

3)       Waste brake down with EM is apparently quicker.


From my current understanding, using EM will mean that our dog waste will no longer create methane when it brakes down and hence I will no longer have a personal landfill at home.


I believe this will be a better way of dealing with dog poo than what I was currently doing.


* Resource ‘Bokashi Composting Australia’





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6 thoughts on “What to do with dog poo?

  1. Hi Henri Piccini,

    Thanks for reading and for your comment. I am very interested in your words “I spray pure EM on it”. Do you have a liquid version of EM powder? I would be really interested to know more about it. The EM I use (and the only one I thought was available) is like saw dust i.e. a powder you sprinkle over dog poo and kitchen waste. Very interested in your thoughts!



  2. I have six french bulldogs. Once in a while I burry the dog poo in the compost pile. Before I cover the dog poo with dirt I spray pure EM on it. It does not take long before the dog poo is eaten by the EM and the compost worms. Worms and EM go together hand in hand; If I spray too much EM the worms will stay away until the EM has breaken down the poo bacteria once the EM bacteria have done their work the worms take over. I never turn over the compost pile as many people will do. The worms in the compost pile do the job for me. No bad smell no methane or co2 or amonia fumes. I also mix charcoal in my compost pile (see terra preta and biochar on the net. Soil, plants and worms just love it.)



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  4. Nice idea Michel!

    I also know that some communities in Asia produce their energy from human waste. I have often wonder with the amount of dogs living around here………….?? You know what I am getting at.

    At the moment my two dogs are contributing to the growth of our plants and in a way that methane is being produced.

    Thanks for reading and for the link. I will read more on it.



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