Winter cold & flu’s produces tissue waste

It is 4am in Sydney and I can’t sleep because my head is throbbing and breathing is difficult due to having tissues stuck up my nose to stop the continual mucus stream (sorry for the imagery).


This is a killer cold (well I doubt it will actually kill me but you get the idea).  I have become a personal tissue waste factory.  Dead tissues lay beside my bedside table & in my winter robe pockets.


So what to do when you can’t sleep? 


Whinge and tell the world your wows and or get up and inspire others with a quick worm farm tip.


Yes I know this will be a bit gross but it is worth sharing.  All our family used tissues for the last year have been recycled (yeah I know…….I warned you this would be a little gross).


We have a small bench bin in our bathroom / laundry, were we place all used tissues.  Once full I empty the bin in our worm farm.


Believe it or not our little worms love them.


Tissues are now one less thing we are sending to landfill.


Bon Appetit little wormies!





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