Giant Worms, Orangutans & Doggie Poo

I am receiving many emails from friends and family about my attempts to live greener.  This email from my friend and fellow photographer Laura I just had to publish.  I have added below, her photograph of the very LARGE worm she is talking about.  Cheers Laura.


“Hello Lovely Sarhn,


Sorry this has taken a while, but I have been thinking of you and your doggie poo! And my own doggie poo – and where it has been going.


I have been asking around…


Angela (Sister) has heard from a couple of sources that worms will vacate fairly quickly if poop is introduced to their farm.


My extremely green and hip neighbour Barb, recommends a separate container dug into the ground. It should be covered with soil and moved more regularly than compost farm.


The day your email arrived, I found a GIANT WORM in my garage! I have attached a photo. Apparently they only surface when they are looking for love. They are very slow and don’t wriggle around like a little worm.  He was amazing.


I love the ‘Greener Me’ site and will investigate it more.


I am hugely into the PALM OIL awareness campaigns, and the protection of Orangutans. 2 years left for the Sumatran Orangutans if we don’t act now…

Isn’t that hideous. I guess it includes the Sumatran Tiger and Elephant, amongst others. All for PALM OIL el cheapo that we are all consuming.


Check them out – and add to your links if you like.


Cheers Sarhn,


Laura xx”

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