A Green Holiday?

Yes still enjoying a Thailand time out and the friendly smiles from the Thai people.  I actually think I have died and gone to Thailand (but that is another story for another Blog).

On the flight over here I counted using 5 plastic knives, forks, spoons, plates but about 15 plastic cups.  Not one of these items had any indication that they were recyclable (the usual logos).  Then of course as you can not drink the tap water in Thailand I have lost count of the water bottles we have purchased.  I just felt sad every time placing the bottles in the bin as I couldn’t find a recycle system anywhere.

Last night Brett and I were watching the world news when they mentioned about the growing trend of ‘Green Holidays’.  They mentioned a website but after trying to google it we failed to find it.  I am going to research this more when I return as I do not want to encourage the attitude one lady had on the news “I don’t really care about the environment when I am holidays”.  I honestly thought others shared my deep down nagging inner enviromental voice (even if they ignore it) but perhaps I was wrong.

Please leave any comments, thoughts etc on having a green holiday. 

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