Response – Maureen

Maureen is my mother’s sister and my Auntie Maus.  Love you Maus!


Maureen responded to my email ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’.

on the 28.10.06 at 11.29am


“Hi Sarhn

Received your engagement card and as you know I’ll be there with you and Brett to celebrate your engagement.

Did you hear Amber and Thomas are finally engaged?  No news of an engagement party but his Mum and stepfather are coming out from Spain for Christmas.

On the environmental issue, I can always pride myself in disposing of rubbish thoughtfully. As we are going into level 4 water restrictions I am now saving the rinse water from washing the salad vegies and putting them on my pot plants.  I’m reluctant to see them die as I’ve had them for 20 years and they’re expense to replace.  Also I’m going to buy a bucket for the shower recess and save the first lot of water that comes out.

The more I hear of saving the environment re greenhouse and water the more I listen to tips on preserving our earth.  As one Aboriginal said to me not long ago, the Aboriginals had this land for 40 thousand years before the Europeans and it has only taken them 200 years to bugger it up.  Food for thought hey?

Love to you and Brett

Maus xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

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2 thoughts on “Response – Maureen

  1. Hi Maus (My Sister)

    I am also contributing to a greener environment. My first contribution has been to switch my electricity to the GREEN option with Origin in Queensland. They sent me 6 greener efficient light globes which I have swapped over and 1 water efficient shower head.

    I have signed up for the Queensland Water Wise program in Queensland where a plumber will check your water usage and update shower heads and taps to more water effficient systems. All for $20 – great initiative.

    And I continue to recycle, recycle and recycle but I don’t have a solution to Doogy Do Do,s.


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