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Louise was the first person to respond to my A Sneaking Suspicion’ email.  Louise and her husband Dave are good friends of mine. Dave and I (at the time) were training together in karate in Manly, Sydney.   Dave is a full time zoo keeper and ‘defender’ for Australian Tasmanian Devils.  I find them both to be inspirational. 


Email 25.10.06 at 11.29am


“Hmmmm…. Well seeing as yesterday I bought David Suzuki’s autobiography, your email is rather timely!


Yes the environmental message is a big part of my work at the Zoo. It’s like being an unofficial ambassador for the conservation of animals – and that’s a huge motivation to keep doing the job, even if a 2nd job is the last thing I need to be doing. And it gets harder to talk about species that are dying out thanks to us. This week it really bothered me that there are only @ 500 Sumatran Tigers left, thanks to us destroying its home and poaching it. And here in Sydney we have our animal activists fighting to stop 5 elephants coming to the zoo. I just think there are much bigger issues to fight instead of harassing an organization that is FOR animal and species longevity.


Have you seen “Inconvenient Truth”? I haven’t – waiting till 21st Nov for t to come out on DVD. And you may want to check out (link removed as it no longer existed) the 10 things you can do…


And I would love to walk against warming, but I am now working on that day at the studio.


Yeap, you’ve pressed my buttons (can you tell).


Would lurv to hear about what you’ve learnt.


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3 thoughts on “Response – Lousie

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  2. Louise, thank you so much for your comments. As they say “be the change you want to see in the world”. I know you live and not only talk green – you and Dave are inspiring. I hope you pop by often and offer advice on my quest to be more ‘green’. Perhaps even update and inform ‘greener me’ readers on your journey.



  3. Well with re- reading my comments, as time has passed I am still bothered by species threatened with extinction. Somehow a species of river dolphin has become extinct in China. And as an addition to the tiger situation, humans have already wiped out 3 out of the 7 species since 1950. I can not imagine a world without animals, can you?

    Meanwhile Sahrn I dig your mountain pic, it begs to be climbed. And its snow raises another point, how long have we got to live with snow? Will my kid ever be able to go skiing in his adult future?

    No quick, easy answers will solve any of this, not until “the mob” (i.e., the world’s majority) “get it” and as a critical mass do something about it.

    Somehow I think “the mob” will put more effort into crying fowl about petrol prices, and it will probably by like watching someone cry over spilt milk. Can you imagine how much the last bucket will go for? Maybe those Mad Max movies were really onto something….


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