Response – Andrew (2nd email)

Remember Andrew my chiropractor?  I told you he was quietly going about living a green life………here is his 2nd response to my email ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’ 


Andrew’s email received 30.10.06 at 8.35am


“Do you have space available for a vege garden? If so I have a great idea for cheap membership in a natural garden club that aims to reduce your footprint. The diggers club (probably online). I have membership and love the philosophy of the group that run it. They have display centres in Melb and publish a newsletter on various sustainable practices and things to watch out for in shops, purchases, etc. St Erth is one of their properties in Melb. Check out their stuff. No dig gardens are easy and I have one at home. We are just about to expand it so that we can get close to supplying our veges for the year. If you want any more feedback just give me a yell.


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3 thoughts on “Response – Andrew (2nd email)

  1. Hey Andrew,

    Did you see Louise’s comments about your ‘diggers’ tip? Check out the page ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’ and scroll down. In less than a week that this blog has been running ‘Greener Me’ readers are helping each other live greener.

    Love your work!


  2. Hi Andrew,

    I am glad you dropped by and had a look at my ‘green’ blog journey. It would be great if you could pop in from time to time and say hello. Perhaps update ‘Greener Me’ readers of what you are doing on your journey?



  3. Hi Sarhn
    Great to see you putting it all out there. Can’t wait till the planet reaches a tipping point in the right direction. I’m hoping it’ll happen soon enough that we can leave a better planet to our children. I like the Nth American Indian idea of us just being guardians for future generations.

    Recently saw a TV doco which I think was Al Gore’s “Inconvenient truth”. Whoa, what an eye opener. Hang on tight it’s going to be a close run thing- planet survival, that is.


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