Response – Alex

My warmly, eccentric friend Alex was 2nd to reply to my ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’ email


Alex was my right hand man in running holiday camps for teenagers (many of who were troubled).  His wit, humour and regular irreverence kept me sane throughout these camps.


Alex’s email 25.10.08 at 12.02pm


“Charna!!!What a week from Charna –

first; free grog,

second; cruise invite.

finally; save the world.

well, I say;

– I don’t get out of bed for less than $10k and I have litres of home brew.  (I’d probably get out of bed for $10 but I’ve still got lots of beer at home)

– Your invite came through – thankyou very much – sounds shooper!  atm I will probably be in Hebron at that time, but stranger things have happened and I could still be there. Angie is hella keen though, but we will rsvp proper.  Your gut thing about the environment is admirable and I will see you on the 4th for some marching (any reason to protest johnny ill be there). I’ve got a similar gut feeling with the whole arab/israeli thing.

– See number two above. Also, in my new philosophy/theology – god doesn’t do much, it is us that screw things up and who also need to fix things up. So save the world here we come! 🙂

Great as always hearing from you and thanks for the invite.

– You’re looking pretty good on the invite charna but you do look like a wedding photographer, but your man – I think he’s overdosed on pommy genes.



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